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Thursday 30 March 2017

Test Strategy in Software testing

What is Test Strategy?

Plan to use the available resources to achieve objective effectively.
Note :- Test Strategy is a part of test plan.

Determing the test strategy

1). Test Levels
2). Test intensity
>...(thorough testing)
>.. (Medium testing)
>. (light testing)
>I (Implicit testing)
>S (Static testing)
Below is sample image of test-strategy document :-

Advantages of Test Strategy?

1).Mitigate Risk
2).Focus on Specific System Aspects
3).Provide Clarity
4).Communicate test approach

How to create a Powerful Test Strategy?

1- Research
2- Satisfy just the objectives
3- Create Two Versions
4- Minimize test phases
5- Customize Fully
6- Use Production Environment Replica
7- Use Known Tools
8- Define Process Or communication Mechanism
9- Identify Data needed
10- Challenge Assumption and
11- Revise Test Strategy as Needed.
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