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Sunday 11 June 2017

Manual Test cases for the pen

Manual Test Cases for Pen

Test Cases for Pen :- It is a very favorite question of interviewer, they use to ask this one to every one during interview.
So here i am writing few good positive and negative cases.

Positive Cases :- 1). See if the different components(the barrel, cap, unscrew-able head, refill, spring etc) of the pen are fitting perfectly.
2). Test the dimension of the pen, its shape and size should be ergonomically designed so as to result in a comfortable writing experience.
3). Test by writing on a piece of paper, see if you can write smoothly.
4). Test if you can carry the pen in your shirt pocket using its cap. The cap extension should be firm enough to grip the pocket.
5). Verify whether it is ink or ball point and color of ink accordingly.
6). Verify whether the pen tip is covered by a suitable cap or not.
7). Test the pen by writing different angles of use.
8). Test if the pen is usable with different brands of simillar refill.
9). Check Whether you are able to hold the pen easily.
10).Soak the refill upward and then write on a paper.

Negative Cases :- 1). Rub the pen ball on hard material and then write.
2). Try to write on paper with bit force to check if it damages the paper.
3). Through the pen in the water and then write up again.
4). Remove the cap of a pen and keep it in a pocket to check whether there is any leakage of ink.
5). Drop the pen from remarkable height to check whether it is getting damage or not.

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