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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Encapsulation in Java with example

Encapsulation in Java with example:

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Encapsulation is also known as Data hiding.
If a class have private member & it is required to access these private member from outside of class then we have to create public getter & setter method.

This way data can only be accessed by public methods thus making the private fields and their implementation hidden for outside classes.

Encapsulation Example

class chandan
private string Name;
private Int Age;
public string getName()
return Name;
public void setName(String Name)
this.Name = Name;
public int getAge()
return Age;
public void setAge(int Age)
this.Age = Age;
public class Chandan1
public static void main(String args[])
chandan obj = new chandan();
System.out.println("Your name is :" +obj.getName);
System.out.println("Your Age is :" +obj.getAge);
Output :
Your name is :Chandan
Your Age is :25

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