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Sunday 15 January 2017

Difference between Bug leakage & Bug release, Retesting & Regression Testing

Bug Leakage : If the bug is found at customer end  or at production environment and this bug should be detected by testing team, then it is known as bug leakage.
Key Reason : 1. Requirement is not captured completely.

2. Functionality was in scope but it is unknown for testing team.
3. Testing team/tester made some own assumptions.
  Bug Release : Build/Application which is going to release have some known bugs, but these bugs under low severity & low priority.
  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They are completely different from each other and key difference is listed below :
  1. Retesting :  To recheck the bug which was logged & valid with in same environment.
Regression : To check whether any surroundings(bug related area) is/are effected or not.

2. Retesting : Old data can b used to retest the bug as well as with new data. Regression :  Generally done with the new data only.

3.  Retesting : In one iteration/cycle there is two retesting round (Execution --> retesting --> retesting for                                       reopened bugs) Regression : In one iteration/cycle there is only one regression round after that retesting (Sanity: narrow                                    regression) is done.
4. Retesting : Generally build number will not change, just build with fixed bugs will be deployed on testing                                 server.
Regression : Build number should be changed, build which passed many testing rounds   have some enhancement/modification is deployed on testing environment.
5. Retesting : only failed test cases are executed.
Regression : Test cases are fetched from main test cases which are effected due to bug, and enhanced due to bug and they are joined in an effective manner to make a robust regression suite after that they are executed.

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