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Sunday 15 January 2017

What is the difference between Quality Assurance(QA) and Quality Control (QC)?

Difference between quality control & Quality assurance

1. QA deals with process and QC deals with actual product testing.
2. QA make sure that you are doing right thing in right way (means Verification) where QC Make sure that the actual result of application & expected result(means validation).
3. QA focus on quality building and hence it is preventing defect although Qc focuses on testing for quality and hence detecting defects.
4. Quality assurance meant for developing, organizing the best quality process and Quality control meant for implementing the process developed by former team.
5. QA Items are Plans, Requirement Specs, Design Specs, Code, Test Cases and QC have only actual product.
6. QA have activities :
QC Activity : Testing Activities

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