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Sunday 15 January 2017

Get nth highest salary, what is index, how to test database manually etc

Que:Can we test database manually ?

Ans : Yes, we can test data base manually, although 60% data base testing is done manually.
> Enter the data from front end & check from backend whether it is inserted in database associated table or not.
> Update the data from front end & verify that data is updated or not in database table from backend.
> Delete data from front end and verify that data is getting deleted fron backend database table or not.
Perform above three ADD, UPDATE and DELETE operation from backend and verify there reflection in front end.

Que :What is the index and what are different type of index ?

Ans : A database object , usually created on a column of database table to find the data more quickly and efficiently.

Syntax to create Index

ON table_name(column_name)
Different type of index B Tree Index
Bitmap index
clustered index
covering index
non-unique index
unique index

Que : Data base testing need testcases or not?

Ans :A good data base testing need efficient test cases and to write test cases first get complete knowledge of functionality get the knowledge of source table & destination table, Index and JOINS BETWEEN TABLE etc.
after that write the test cases.This test case technique is just opposite to functional tetsing test cases.

Que:Write a query to get nth heighest salary from below table(Salary)?


Ans : Query :
FROM salary TAB1
WHERE ( n ) = (
FROM salary TAB2
WHERE TAB2.Salary >= TAB1.Salary

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