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Sunday 15 January 2017

What are the test deliverables ? & REQUIREMENT TRACEBILITY MATRIX(RTM)

These are the document which a Test Lead/Manager need to deliver after completion of project :
In very rare case tester need to deliver test cases/check list.
In general below is the list of test deliverables :
> Effort Estimation/billing hour
> Bug Report/defect coverage report
> Known Issues
> Test Data (In case of finance it is mandatory)
> Test Plan & Test Strategy
------------------------------------------------------------------------ RTM : RTM stands for REQUIREMENT TRACEBILITY MATRIX and it is a document which Map functionalities to test cases. Key Points :
>> In General, Rows have functionalities & column have Test case ID.
>> It ensure that each functionality have been covered in test cases.
>> When a Requirement will change then Associated test case will change & Changes can be traced easily.
>> Its life start with the project & and ends with the project.

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