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Tuesday 24 January 2017

Configure Selenium and TestNG in Eclipse

Video for this tutorial:

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Note : Select the playlist as per your need & move with number sequence

How to Download and configure selenium ?
click on the below link to download selenium
Click here
Now download Apache POI from below link
Click Here
Click the download link from left corner & Click on The latest Stable Release is apache POI .........

Now go to the eclipse

click on file, select New then Java Project

click on Next Button, then select Libraries from header tab

click on Add External Jars Now select the selenium from your local computer
select all the JARs & click open button

Click the finish button
CongratulationYour selenium is configured with eclipse.

How to configure Testng within Eclipse?

So we have Two ways to configure TestNG in eclipse

First way : From Eclipse Market Place

Open Eclipse

==>> click on Help
==>> select Eclipse MarketPlaceOption

In Search box Enter


click on Enter or Go button ==>>

Uncheck the

TestNG M2E (Maven) Integration

checkbox and click on Confirmbutton ==>>

Accept the licence and click on



Accept the risk

click the button "i Accept the risk"

Restart the eclipse

Second way : From Eclipse Install New Software

Open Eclipse
click on Help
select Install New SoftwareOption

Click on Add.. button
In the dialog box fill the below value :
Name :- Testng
and for location , go to website , ""

and select a version like

now same will be entered in Location

Location :-

Click on Next button

Click on OK button
Under Grid TestNG option with check box will appear
Click the Check Box & the Click Nextbuttoon
It will take little time to get download
CongratulationYour eclipse is configured with Testng.

How To Download & install selenium?,

how to download & install TestNg?,

How to configure eclipse with selenium TestNG?

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