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Monday 26 June 2017

How to test Date Fields & Login Fields/Page

How to test Date field/test Scenarios for date field

1. Ensure that calendar window is displayed and active, when the calendar is invoked by pressing the calendar icon. (Once we faced an issue, the calendar window is in minimized state when we invoked the calendar.)

2. Ensure that calendar date is defaulted to system date/Server date.

3. Ensure that when a date is selected in the calendar (double click, or some other method), the selected date is displayed in the text box.

4. Check for the format as per requirement i.e. mm-dd-yy or dd-mm-yy etc.

5. Check for day, month and year( day should not be > 31, similarily month should be<=12,feb month should have days 28/29, should accept 29 days of february in the leap year, and year as per requirement).

6. Also try characters and spcl. characters on date if textbox is editable.

7. Try dates 30-02-2004 i.e validation for month of feb.

8. Check as per requirement if all parts are separated with / or - or . sign

9. 1980-, -1980, 20/10/2006 etc. if given in requirement, this is usually given in search 1980- means search for records after 1980 and so on.

10. should not accept 000000 as a date.

11. start date < end date

12. Cannot be left blank generally.

13.Check if the field accepts the input as blank.

14.Check if the date as 32 is accepted or not.

15.Check if the year field accepts year entered 10 years backward or forward.


How to test Login field/test Scenarios for login field

1.check whether the login works with correct credentials

2.check that it doesn't work with wrong credentials

3.check text field limits - whether the browser accepts more than the allowed database limits

4.check whether password text is hidden

5. Check if the page is loaded

6. If login is remembered, check if closing the browser and relogging doesnt take to login page

7. If login is not remembered check if cookies helps to remember the session within the period

8. Check if appropriate error-message is displayed when entered with incorrect input ie invalid user id or pwd

9. Check if appropriate error-message is displayed when password or user id is not entered

10. Check if after login, it doesn't take back to the login page when the website is opened in a new tab

11.Check if password restrictions are applied when entering password ie integer 0-9, characters and special characters etc

12.signon attempts limit

13. Availability of user id and password tab

14. Check if user id and password form field is long enough

15. If there is captcha, check if characters are visible and readable

16.If there is 'remember me' option, check if its a tick box

17.Check if everything works in different browsers

18. sign-on to the application with multiple user accounts at the same time and capture latency of authentication

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