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Istqb Important Question and answer

Istqb foundation level question and answer


ISTQB:International Software testing qualification board

1.Question :"How much testing is enough ?" how to evaluate it?
Answer : 1).Level of risk including technical & bussiness product and project risk 2). Project constraint such as time and budget

2.Question :What major tasks, test planning have ?
Answer : 1). Determining the scope and risk and identifying the objective of testing. 2).Determining the test approach(techniques, test items, coverage, identifying and interfacing the teams involved in testing, testware. 3).Determining the exit criteria.

3.Question : How to Evaluation testability of the requirements and system are a apart of which phase?
Answer : Test Analysis and Design

4.Question :One of the fields on a form contains a text box which accepts alphabets in lower or upper case. Identify the invalid class ?
Answer :Cla012ss

5.Question :Which of the following has highest level of independence in which test cases are :
Answer : Designed by a person from a different organization.

6.Question :We use the output of the requirement analysis. the requirement specification as the input for writing :-
Answer :User acceptance test cases.

7.Question :Validation involves :
Answer :Helps to check that we have build the right product.

8.Question :Which testing uses Impact Analysis most.
Answer :Maintenance testing.

9.Question :Impact analysis helps to decide ?
Answer : How much regression testing should be done.

10.Question : Functional System testing is :
Answer : testing the end to end functionality of the system as a whole.

11.Question : Peer review also called ?
Answer : Technical review.

12.Question : What are true about branch coverage and statement coverage.
Answer : 1).100% branch coverage guarantees 100% statement coverage.
2). 100 % branch coverage guarantees 100 % decision coverage.
3). 100 % decision coverage guarantees 100 155 branch coverage.

13.Question : The kick off phase of a formal review includes ?
Answer :Explaining the objective.

14.Question :Which is not phase of the fundamental test process?
Answer : Requirement Analysis.

15.Question :Which do not come under black box testing technique ?
Answer :LCSAJ(Linear code sequence and jump)

16.Question : Test conditions are derived from ?
Answer : Specifiction

17.Question :What mainly comes under black box testing technique ?
Answer : Equivalance partition, State Transition, use case testing are black box testing technique.

18.Question : Regression testing should be performed :
Answer : After the software has changed and when the environment has changed.

19.Question : What is main benefit of Independent testing ?
Answer : Independent testers see other and different defects and are unbiased.

20.Question :The structure of an incident report is covered in the standard for software test document IEEE 829 and is called as :
Answer :Test incident report

21.Question :What is the task of test lead/leader ?
Answer :1).Interaction with test tool vendor to identify best ways to leverage test tool on the project.
2). Write test summary reports based on the information gathered during testing.
3).Decide what should be automated to what degree and how.

22.Question :Feature of white box testing technique :
Answer : 1). We use explicit knowledge of the internal working of the item being tested to select test data. 2).Uses specific knowledge of programming code to examine outputs and assumes that the tester knows the path of logic in the unit or program.

23.Question :What are the parts of Test closure activities ?
Answer : 1). Checking which planned deliverables have been delivered.
2). Finalizing and archiving testware.
3). Analyzing lessons.

24.Question : Core definition of software testing ?
Answer : Testing is the process of executing software/application for the purpose of finding defects.

25.Question :Drivers are also known as :
Answer : Test harness and scaffoldinga.

26.Question :Exit criteria may consist of :
Answer :1). Thoroughness measure, such as coverage of code, functionality or risk. 2).Estimates of defects density or reliablity measures.
3).Residual risk such as defects not fixed or lack of test coverage in certain areas.

27.Question : What helps in monitoring the test progress?
Answer :1). Percentage of test case execution 2).Percentage of work done in test environment preparation
3).Defect information e.g. defect density, defect found and fixed.

28.Question :The selection of test approach should consider the context:
Answer :1). Risk of failure of the project, hazards to the product and risk of product failure to humans. 2).Skilla and experience of the people in the proposed technique, tools and methods.
3).The objective of the testing endeavor and the mission of the testing team.

29.Question :In case of large system
Answer : Testing should be on the bais of risk.

30.Question :The provision and management of a controlled library containg all the configuration items is called as
Answer : Configuration control.

31.Question :A deviation from the specific or expected behaviour and visible to end-user?
Answer : Failure

32.Question : testing should be stopped when ?
Answer : It depends on the risks for the system being changed.

33.Question :Benefits of early test design ?
Answer : 1). Early test design can prevent fault multiplication
2). Early test design can find fault
3). Early test design can cause change in the requirement

34.Question :Non-functional System testing includes :
Answer : Testing quality attributes of the system including performance and usability.

35.Question :What is the main purpose of the integration strategy for integration testing in small?
Answer :to specify which module to combine when and how many at once.

36.Question :What is the purpose of test completion criteria in a test plan?
Answer : to plan when to stop testing.

37.Question : The place to start if you want a (new) test tool is
Answer :Analyse your need and requirement

38.Question :When a new testing tool is purchased, it should be used first by :
Answer :Everyone who may eventually have some use for the tool

39.Question :What is beta testing ?
Answer : Performed by customers at their own site.

40.Question :The main focus of acceptance testing is:
Answer : testing for a business perspective.  

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