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Professional Ethics

The person who is working in an IT Organization should aware with professionalism.
Professionalism create a thick line difference between illiterate & literate person.
Below is few terms of professionalism:-


  • Professional ethics enhances public confidence in the legal profession.
  • Professional ethics promotes transparency and frankness between the employee.
  • Join Your group only, in lunch & breaks.
  • Don’t use to join member of other group or team.
  • Liberal goal maximizing individual freedom.
  • The “Tit for Tat” Excuse & avoid it.
  • High status and reward.
  • Dress yourself as organization tradition.
  • It’s hard to make a distinction between these three terms because they are closely related.
  • Ethics is the philosophy of moral values.
  • Morality is a differentiation of actions between those that are write of wrong.
  • Morality defines our character, while ethics points towards application of morality.
  • Etiquette is a code that governs social behavior.
  • Avoid the habit of argument with anybody on the floor.
  • Never shout on the floor, sound & pitch should be under benchmark.
  • Discuss your all the concern in conference room only.
  • Misbehavior on the floor is not allowed.
  • Treat colleagues with respect, care and thoughtfulness.
  • Professional Ethics is concerned with one’s behavior and conduct when carrying out professional work.
  • Legal Ethics is the standard of conduct within the legal profession.
  • Wish client whenever you met to them.
  • Modern times philosophers have divided ethical theories into 3 general subject areas :
Meta – Ethics - Origin
  • Normative- how we arrive at moral standard.
  • Employee behavior should be same for everyone.
  • Male Vs Female Morality.
  • Egoism Vs Altruism.
  • Emotion Vs Reaction.
  • Don’t use words like Sir , Madam etc. One should use only first name.
  • Don’t use nick name or any funny name or body structural name.

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