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Database Testing Tutorials

Tool : Large data Data Generator for testing, validate Email

What is primary key, composite key, foreign key & Unique Constraint?

SQL And & OR keyword with example

SQL ORDER BY with example

Use of SQL Update Keyword with Example

SQL Wildcards with Example

Alter Keyword with example

Difference Between In & Between with example

Difference between Delete, Drop and Truncate

Self Join and full outer join with example

Cross join with example

Query to join three table with example

Important & Useful functions in SQL

Auto-Increment With example

Insert & Fetch Null values in Database Table with example

sql check with example

Index and View in SQL

Get nth highest salary, what is index, how to test database manually etc

Union and Intersection with Example

SQL Query to find second highest salary

Que : What is DDL, DML & DCL ?

what is SQL, My SQl

SQL query to create database and table.

How to add Multiple rows in a table?


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