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Friday 24 August 2018

How to Download and install Ruby and Ruby mine

How to download and install ruby and rubymine in windows

Hello Friends,

In this article i will describe that how can we download and install ruby and ruby mine in windows machine.

A) Download & Install the Ruby
B) Download and install the ruby mine
C) Install the cucumber in ruby mine

1). Go to the website "" or Click Here

2). Click the Download button as shown in below screen

3). Select the file as per your computer as below
For example : my system is window 7 32 bit, so i will select Ruby 2.5.1-2 (x86) file to download

4). If you are facing any problem then you can directly download from my google drive as below
Click here to download Ruby from drive
Now double click on the setup and then click on Run button, then next we install normal software.

5). To verify that ruby has been installed properly or not , open the commond prompt(cmd)
and Enter ruby -v and hit Enter key.
ruby version will appear and if so, congratulation ruby have installed in your machine.

6). To access "ruby interactive shell", type irb and hit Enter key as below

7). Now you can run your ruby program also from cmd as below

8). Download ruby editor Rubymine
a).go to the Url : or click here
b).Click on the "Donwload" button to download the rubymine
Click here to download from driver

9). Install the ruby mine in your machine
double click on setup file & then click run button as below

Now as normal software installation click on next button and the next if required the finish

Now select the Ruby 2.5.1 as shown below and click on install button

Now click the finish button

Now launch the ruby mine and if you are launching/opening it first time then select "Do not import" radio button as below

10). Create your project/file & run the ruby programs

Now select the Ruby option from open matching files in ruby mine as below :-

11). Create a simple ruby program to print name "chandan singh"

12). Install the cucumber in rubymine
open the commond prompt(cmd) and type the commond gem install cucumber and hit enter, as below

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