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Different Kinds of Software Testing Myth

Testing can be done by anybody..
Actual :People who don't have good IT industry knowledge and  believe that anyone can test a software and testing is not a creative or thinker job. However testing engineers know very well that this is  just a myth. Thinking alternative scenarios, try to crash a software with the intent to explore potential bugs is not possible for the person who developed it.

After Testing Software will become 100% bug free
Actual :There is no any tool or process or testing methodology which can make software 100% bug free.
Although a good & effective testing can reduce the occurrence of bug in application.

Complete 100 % Testing is possible.
Actual : Complete or 100% testing is never possible. It is possible to cover all the path and try to check with combinations but there might be some scenarios that are never executed.

Testing a non-productive process.
Actual : I don't think so,  Testing always produce direct profit.....
for in house project/product : testing make it robust  and reliable
for out house project/product :  testing clinch the trust of your client and make a strong trust bond to client.

Testing is a time consuming Process.
Actual : Testing consume time but it returns you positive outcomes in multiply.
In case of project, testing time depends on process adopted &  it is very near to 20-30 % of over all project.

In case of product, it will take more time & with every new updation it will depend on coverage of regression.

Anybody can learn testing.
Actual : Without eager and without learning skills, no body can learn testing, if you are not good in problem solving, digging etc then you can never learn testing. One should keep each possible scenarios to perform a good testing.


Testing Myths

What are the myths in software testing?

Software will become 100% bug free after testing

Testing can be done by anyone.

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