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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Important Unix Commands

Very Use full Commands of Unix for Software Tester.

$ ls command is used for directory and file listing with there permission.
$ ls -l list files in current directory.
$ ls -a list hidden files.
$ pwd -command is used for knowing user current working directory or you can say print working directory.
$ cd - similar to DOS cd .it is use to change directory.
$ mkdir - use to create new directory.
$ rmdir - use to remove directory.
$ cat filename - command is use to display file contents without paging.
$ cp source destination - command is use to copy file.
$ mv oldname newname - command is use to rename file .
$ rm filename - command use to delete file.
$ pico filename - command use to create or modify file.
$ More filename -List the contents of file pausing after each screen (press Space to continue listing).
$ grep string file-Search file for occurrences of string.
$ less filename - Display filename one screenful.A pager similar to (better than) more.
$ pg filename - View filename one screen full at a time (a pager).
$ print file -Send file to the UNIX laser printer.
$ man command - Display information about command.
$ apropos keyword - List commands/programs that contain keyword in their description.
$ du - List the number of Killo bytes for each directory below current working directory.
$ talk username - Interactively communicate with username; username has to be logged-in.
$ finger username - Find the username for username.
$ w - Display current activity on the system.
$ who - Show users that are currently logged-in.
$ tin - A program to read a collection of newsgroups (new articles arrive daily).
$ help [command] - If specified without command, a brief introduction is listed.If command is specified, help displays the man page for command.
$ pine - Send email through the Internet
$ quota –v - Display disk usage and disk quota. This command does not display your email quota.
$ mydiskspace - Display uhunix disk usage only. This command does not display your email quota.
$ write username - Writes files or text to username.
$ !! - Repeats last command.
$ kill - Command use to terminate process.example: kill - 5555
$ nice program name - Command use to run program with lower priority.Recommended for running background processes.
$ ps - Command use to list no of processes running in a system.
$ top - show (continuously) what process(es) is running.

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