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Sunday 21 May 2017

Direct and Indirect Speech

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Direct Speech : Direct Speech generally have Actual words of Speaker.

Indirect Speech : In indirect speech we convey the speaker message to some other one in own words.

Basic Procedure to change a direct sentense into indirect sentense :-
1).Remove inverted commas and simple comma.
2). Add that in place on single comma
3). Change the Tense (as described below)
4). Channge the pronoun of direct speech
5). change the time

Examples :
He said to me , "this is a book" He told me that, that was a book.
She said to me, "Is this a book?" She asked me if, that was a book.
She said to me, "Fetch me a bucket of water" She ordered me , to fetch a bucket of water.
She said , "Chandan, open the window please" She requested chandan , to open the window.
She said , "The Sun rises in the East" She said that, The Sun rises in the East.

TenseDirect speechIndirect Speech
Simple PresentSimple Past
Present ContinuousPast Continuous
Present PerfectPast Perfect
Present Perfect ContinuousPast perfect continuous
Simple pastPast Perfect
Past ContinuousPast perfect Continuous
FuturePresent as per situation/condition
Future ContinuousContinuous as per Condition

Present tense The Girl said, "i like to eat Chocolate"
लड़की ने कहा, मुझे चॉक्लेट खाना पसंद है
The Girl said, That she liked to eat chocolate.
लड़की ने कहा,की उसे चॉक्लेट खाना पसंद हैं
Past tense He said, "i had a nightmare Last Night"
उसने कहा, कल रात मैने बुरा खवाब देखा
He said that he had a nightmare the previous night.
उसने कहा की कल रात उसने बुरा खवाब देखा
Past tense He said, "i bought a bike"
उसने कहा, मैने एक मोटेर साइकल खरीदी
He said that he had bought a bike.
उसने कहा की उसने एक मोटेर साइकल खरीदी
Past tense She said, "tina was swimming in the pool"
उसने कहा , टीना पूल मे तैर रही थी
She said that tina had been swimming in the pool.
उसने कहा की, टीना, पूल मे तैर रही थी
Future Tense He said to them , "i shall pay your wages tomorrow"
उसने उनसे कहा, मैं तुम्हे तुम्हारी सॅलरी कल दूँगा
He told them that, he would pay their wages next day.
उसने उनसे कहा की वो उनकी सॅलरी अगले दिन देगा

Important Points in Direct indirect
Direct In-direct Direct In-direct Direct In-direct
Must Had to Might Might Ought to Ought to
Is/Am Was Are Were Has/Have Had
Can Could Will Would Shall Should
May Might Now Then Tomorrow The Next day
Did Had done Here There This That
These Those Today That day Tonight That night

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