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Monday 30 October 2017

First Script in Jmeter

Create First Script in Jmeter

Test plan : Test plan is just like a container which will contain all our test element that need to performe test.

Work bench : Work bench is a place where we can keep our element for temporary basis.

Thread Group : Contains the no. of user & their configuration with time.
Basically thread group is the users that will be used to create & run the test.
Each user will be treated as thread

Elements of Thread Group
Number of Threads(Users) : Simulates the no. of users on application under test.No of user application want to test.
Ramp-Up Period(in Seconds):In how many time all the user will hit the application
For Example : If value of "Number of Threads" is "10" and "Ramp-Up Period" is "20" seconds.
That its means each thread(User) will start 2 seconds later after the previous thread was started.
Formula : Ramp-Up Period/Number of Threads, in our case : 20/10 = 2 seconds.

Loop Count: Tell the Jmeter that how many times test will be executed,
For Example : If we have "loop" value is "5" then each user will hit the application 5 times.
means total : 10*5 = 50
Total 50 request will be send to the application with a 2 second gap.

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