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Monday 30 October 2017

Jmeter Overview , Download and Install Jmeter

Overview of Jmeter

Hello Friends,

In This article we are going to discuss about basic functionality of Jmeter.

For Video :- Click Here

Let's Have a little discussion on aspects releated to Jmeter

Performance testing : It is the type of testing which will ensure that how an application will behave with different kind of users, no of users , with different network & other environment.
It have Four main Aspects :

Scalibility Testing :The main Agenda is to check effectiveness of application under certain load.
Stress Testing:- To check the upper limit of extreme workloads to see how it handles high traffic and find the break point of application.
Load Testing :-How much Load(No. of User) applicatio can handle & whethere application performe well under specified Load or not.
Endurance testing :- Application can handle a cenrtain load for a long period of time.

The Apache JMeter is a Open Source Java based software and it was developved by Stefano Mazzocchi of Apache Software Foundation, mainly designed to test the load test behaviour and measure the performance.
Jmeter is designed to cover tests like Load, Functional, Performance, Regression etc.

Pre-Requisites :- One should have basic under standing of Java Programming language, text Editor and execution. And machine should have JDK installed.
To download & install JDK Click Here

JMeter Features :
It is free bacause it is Open source.

A good and User friendly GUI.

Can Perform load test on many different server types like HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, JDBC etc.

Its Platform independent tool because it is a pure java application.

Automation functional, regression, performance etc testing can be done easily.

Download & Install Jmeter in Your Machine

How to Donwload Jmeter ?
Click here

How to Download Badboys?
Click here
How to Start Jmeter in Windows ?
Navigate to Windows -->Jmeter Folder --> bin --> Click on jmeter.bat file
Screen Shot :-

Commond to open Jmeter in Mac
Mac --> Open terminal --> Jmeter --> bin --> sh

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