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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Large data Data Generator for testing, validate Email

In most  times, it have been seen that a large amount of data required in our data base to test application THIS PART IS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FROM PERFORMANCE VOLUME TESTING.
Data Generator : It is an open source tool and GS Data Generator is an automated testing and data generation tool,
which enables you to create test data for software quality assurance testing (QA testing), performance testing,
usability testing and database load testing. GS Data Generator is a computerized testing application specifically
designed to generate random test data, meaningful test data and business intelligent test data for system integration testing, ERP, CRM and data warehouse development, and software marketing.
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How to Validate Email Address

In most of the application, Validation is implemented on two attribute "@" & "." only but
If we send an email & it is not received by user then there can be two things:
Softbounce : A temporary reason that email can not be delivered due to one of the below reason :
        > Mailbox is full (over quota).
        > Recipient email server is down or offline.
        > Email message is too large.
Hardbounce : A permanent reason that email can not be delivered  due to one of the below reson :
            > Recipient email address does not exist.
            > Domain name does not exist.
            > Recipient email server has completely blocked delivery.
Free tools available to validate email address :

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  1. I would recommend you to use because I worked with them and it an amazing experience.
    The system works by reducing and eliminating invalid, abuse, complaint, inactive, and spam-trap email address. These are email addresses that will either bounce or contribute to ruining your sending reputation. They also provide IP address validation and verification of key recipient demographics and has the ability to add missing information on certain emails, such as the name, gender, and location of the owner.
    They are the most secure email validation system you can find.
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