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Sunday, 15 January 2017

RAG , Error Guessing and Error Seeding


RAG : Stands for RED, AMBER & amp, GREEN very similar to traffic light.

RAG  Definition :
RED: Project have some significant issue & corrective actions required soon to meet business requirement.
AMBER :  There is some bugs in project which have negative effect but they can be dealt & tester move ahead                    with testing.
GREEN : Every thing is Okey & working as expected.
and when these terms are added in a report then it is known as RAG Report.

Tag: What is RAG Report?

Error guessing :  It is a test case design technique in which a tester guess that what error might occur and tester will add the test cases/test steps in his test suite.
Error seeding : It is a process in which a known fault is intentionally added to the program to get its effect in application.  

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